Let's Get Personal

Peter Trinidad

President/ Chief Financial Advisor

Peter Trinidad attended Perdue University and graduated with a business finance degree though he later served his local community as a Chicago Police Officer for 10 years. During his service he realized that many domestic issues were results of financial instability and pressure in homes. His desire was to resolve and serve the community in a more constructive fashion rather than arriving to a home once the damage had escalated.

He coached couples to reposition their finances, serve their family in a more stable and secure foundation. He developed a wealth building strategies for his fellow police and families in neighboring communities. His approach to building wealth accumulation helped his younger market but he also became an expert in the retiree market as well. Clearly, his talent in Finance needed to be his focus and he felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction and reward in helping people. As he shifted into his new Advisor career, he read a multitude of books, traveled the world for international finance conferences and sought mentorship from seasoned professionals in every element of Finance. Peter tenaciously studied with the goal of becoming an expert in taxation, retirement, income planning, leveraging growth, portfolio diversification, risk management, strategic investments. He tackled every educational experience available and added a plethora of educational designations like, RCF, life, health, his Series 65 and is actively working towards his CFP at NorthWestern.

Peter has developed a wonderful practice of clients whom he serves with passion and finds great rewards in helping them reach their retirement goals.

Jennifer Ellen

Director of Operations

Jennifer Ellen joined Pillar Financial during its infancy stage with the rebranding of Peter’s practice. She was initially hired to create several operational upgrades, marketing & branding and to help train Peter’s mentees. She demonstrated a fierce work ethic, a passion for client service and a talent for building stellar relationships with clients. Previously, she spent 15 years as an entrepreneur running 5 businesses of her own in 5 different industries (Real Estate, Construction, Business Coaching, Event Planning, Public speaking/Training). Her skill sets include project management, business development, operations and marketing and are the perfect blend as the second in command. Peter recruited Jennifer Ellen to create a boutique environment for his clients where they are treated like part of the family rather than just a number. In the process of serving her contract she demonstrated a variety of strengths that made her a natural asset to his firm. Peter promoted her to Director of Operations where she manages 5 departments (Education, Marketing, Events, Development/Training and Operations) and she is now a permanent fixture of the Team. Jennifer Ellen exudes energy and excitement as she executes her creative endeavors. She adores Pillar’s client community and respects the details of the individual journeys that bring each client to Pillar where the team helps them position their finances in the most optimal state. She has an admiration and respect for family and understands that protecting one’s family financially is the common interest that drives both the clients and the team.

Jennifer Ellen believes: “TRUSTING our team with the financial welfare of our client community is the most important compliment we can receive.”

Jenni Eul-DeBlassio

Client Ambassador/Internal logistics assistant

Jenni is one of 2 “Jennifers” at Pillar Financial. With her partner in crime, are often referred to as “THE JENNIFERS”.

She spends most of her day assisting clients, supporting Peter, implementing daily internal functions and administrative needs with Jennifer Ellen. Her cheerful voice greets all the callers of Pillar Financial and the students of the educational division, “Pillar Adult Learning Center”. Jenni’s friendly demeanor is very inviting and she loves to help resolve all requests.

Upon devoting almost 2 decades of her life to being a stay at home mom and tending to her family’s every need, she looked forward to returning to work someday soon. Jenni joined the work force at Pillar Financial as soon as her 2 children were of an independent age. Demands at home, organization, time management, multitasking, keeping track of a multitude of schedules and routines built a solid foundation for her re-entry into the work force.

Her mastery of running her household makes her a perfect addition to the Pillar team. Jenni’s strengths help keep the office organized, maintain structure and she is always ready to accommodate every inquiry.