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Peter Trinidad

President/ Chief Financial Advisor

Peter Trinidad attended Perdue University and graduated with a degree in business finance.  Inspired by his Father and with the intention of serving his community, he became a Police Officer with City of Chicago for 10 years.

During his CPD service he realized that many domestic issues he encountered were the result of financial instability causing pressure at home.  Most often he was involved only in the aftermath of a crisis, yet his desire was to resolve issues and serve the community in a more preventative manner.  He coached couples to reposition their finances on order to stabilize their family in a more positive way.  He also developed wealth building strategies for his fellow police officers and families in neighboring communities.  Peter's approach to building wealth accumulation helped his younger market but he quickly became an expert in the retiree market as well.  Clearly, his talent in Finance deserved to be his primary focus and he felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction and reward in helping people.  As he shifted from CPD into his new Advisor career, he read a multitude of books, traveled the world attending financial conferences and sought the mentorship of seasoned professionals in every element of Finance.  Peter tenaciously studied with the goal of becoming an expert in taxation, retirement, income planning, leveraging growth, portfolio diversification, risk management, and strategic investments.  He took on every educational experience available and has accomplished a plethora of educational designations like, RCF, life, health, and Series 65.  Peter is currently working towards his CFP.

Since 2009, Peter has developed a practice full of wonderful clients whom he serves with passion.  He finds great personal reward in helping people manage their resources in order to reach their retirement goals.