Jenni Ehl-DeBlassio

Jenni Ehl-DeBlassio

Client Ambassador/Internal Logistics Assistant

Jenni is one of 2 "Jennifers" at Pillar Financial, with her partner in crime are often referred to as "THE JENNIFERS"

She spends most of her day assisting clients, supporting Peter and implementing daily internal functions and administrative needs with Jennifer Ellen. Her cheerful voice greets all the callers of Pillar Financial and the students of the educational division, "Pillar Adult Learning". Jenni's friendly demeanor is very inviting and she loves to help resolve and requests.

She devoted almost 2 decades of her life to being a stay at home mom and tending to her family's every need. Jenni joined the work force at Pillar Financial as soon as her 2 children were of an independent age. Her demands at home practiced organization, time management, multitasking, keeping track of multiple schedules and routines. 

Her mastery of running her household is a perfect addition to the Pillar team. Jenni's strengths help keep the office organized nd maintain structure and she is always ready to help with every inquiry.